Forget the potatoes, it’s all about plantains

So you know plantains right? They look like big bruised up bananas and to be honest,  I never really knew what to do with them. They just look like they are rotten, all the time. Well, now that I am staying away from potatoes, plantains have made their way into my kitchen as a yummy substitute. You can buy them yellow, or green. The yellow ones are sweeter and great for a deserts,  but for this recipe you need them green. Slice them in half and remove the ends. Then slice down the middle and peel back the skin, like this.  IMG_5829

Heat up a hefty amount of your favourite oil in a big fry pan.  I like coconut oil myself. Then cook them up for about 7 min moving them around so all sides get browned and they get a little softer. Now to flatten. I used two pieces of parchment paper and a potato masher  to flatten mine.

To get them nice and crispy, flatten them to about this thickness.

After they have been flattened, carefully move them back to the oil and fry until crispy. Serve immediately. I like mine with a bit of salt and some greek yogurt. Omg so good! You could also top with fried onions, or pour some balsamic glazed veggies overtop. How about a dollop of home made guacamole. You can really do just about anything, but I am confident you will love these.




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