Liquid Gold!

In other words, BONE BROTH BABY!!

I feel like I have discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, I sort of did. A pot of liquid gold that is, and the end is my crock pot! ūüôā

Pre-Paleo I was like many, buying the big tetra packs of pale, salty liquid with little favour and ZERO health benefits. Somehow I really thought I had me some bone broth. #embarrassed

I am just a tad behind I guess, and by a tad I mean thousands and thousands of years. ¬†Although I may have just discovered the wonders of bone broth, ¬†all of it’s benefits have been known for a VERY long time. ¬†Even our early ancestors made broths from animal bones and used every single bit of the animal right down to the marrow. ¬†Chalked full of goodness it’s like a magic potion for skin, nails, hair, ¬†inflammation and excellent for digestion and gut health . This healing liquid is thick with collagen, amino acids and benefits every part of our body from ¬†brains to joints. Don’t take my word for it, check it out! The more I read about the wonders of bone broth, the more I couldn’t wait to make it. ¬†Even my pup Dorothy gets her daily dose of broth.

After hearing all that I KNOW you are just itching to get your “broth on!” ¬†First you need some bones! You can use any bones you want. Beef, chicken, even fish. Don’t forget chicken feet, which are one of the best for making broth! Adding chicken feet just increases the health benefits. You can go to your butcher or market and ask for a bag of “parts” like feet, back, neck etc. Be sure they are organic, grass fed bones for the best broth. You don’t want to end up with a pot full of hormones and antibiotics. ESH!!

My favourite flavourings-celery, carrot, onion, bay leaves and pepper.
  • Bones of your choice-beef, chicken, chicken feet, fish etc.
  • Apple cider vinegar-about 2 tablespoons
  • Herbs or vegetables of your choice
  • Crock Pot

Apple cider vinegar helps draw out the goodness from the bones but other than that, you don’t need to add anything at all. There’s no going wrong though, ¬†you can flavour your broth how you want.

Baking your bones and veggies before adds a nice roasted flavour. For beef bones it also allows you to dig out the prized marrow! This creamy delicacy is full of iron and vitamins and valued by almost all traditional cultures. If you don’t want to eat it, just leave it and all the goodness will melt into your broth. Dorothy gets a scoop as a healthy treat. She LOVES it!


Your crock pot is your friend because long and slow is they key to a good broth and by long and slow,  I am talking DAYS!  Yup, up to 24 hours for chicken, and 48 for the hearty beef bones. Put everything in your crock pot on low and let the magic happen. Add a little water as it evaporates. Your house will smell delicious as the flavours are pulled from the bones, marrow, meat, seasonings and veggies and combine to make your liquid gold!

When it’s done, use a slotted spoon take out any big pieces and strain your broth to remove any small ones. This step is especially important for smaller boned broths like chicken or fish. Once it cools it may be quite gelatinous and congratulations as that’s a sign of a good broth! Look how deep and rich the colour is!!! ¬†No food colouring or additives here! ¬†

Chicken and fish broth will be lighter in colour than beef but still full of the same benefits and taste. ¬†Yikes! I know the feet make it look creepy and at first I didn’t want to even look in the darn crock pot, but don’t get all grossed out! Broth from chicken feet is like broth on steroids! It’s delicious and full of crazy amounts of¬†glucosamine and trace minerals! Just blanch and peel off the skin. Toes on or off, that part is up to you!

Now that you have it, what are you to do with it??  Keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days, and/or freeze it.  You can freeze your broth in ice cube trays then transfer the frozen pieces to a freezer bag to grab and use in cooking and recipes, to make soups or even just to sip. We freeze ours in small mason jars.

Your only decision now is will it be beef, chicken, or fish!? Hey, I have even made a batch with chicken AND beef bones. That’s just how I roll! Enjoy the benefits of your bone broth and let me know how it turns out!


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