A Bench, a Quilt and a Teddy Bear

Yes, I know this isn’t a Paleo bench, and this is not food related, AT ALL. You’re probably wondering why you are getting this since you signed up to a food blog. 🙂

This bench is full of so many interesting old things and it does go along with what I am trying to do…create a space and home surrounded with the things I love. Things that are simple, eco-friendly and make me feel good.  So, I decided to use a blog spot to show my very first ever paint project using Fusion Mineral Paint. A zero VOC, virtually odourless paint that is so simple and beautiful to work with, even for a beginner like me. Sorta Paleo??? OK, no. 🙂

The story goes like this…

This old bench sat in my garage for at least a year. It was gifted to me from a garage where it sat for many years before that.  The old wood was in OK shape,  but the top was very rough.  This had definitely seen better, brighter days. Well, today was the day it was going to get a bright new life, again!

img_9739I also had this old handmade quilt around for years. Another gift to one of my son’s, now grown! Our old Golden Retriever girl chewed both ends so it sat folded in a closet. It just seemed too precious to part with. Hmmm….now I have an idea! I noticed how the back seams were frayed and funky looking so I decided to use it inside out to re cover the stool! I know…brilliant!

At first I was going to paint this sweet stool in something like an antique white, but then I saw Fusion’s “Homestead Blue” and it matched so nice with the quilt colours. Homestead Blue it is! Just a light sanding then wiped it off, that’s all we did!

                                                                            Before and After!

Do you think the Homestead Blue was the right choice or would you have preferred an antique white? Do tell!

img_9757This old teddy bear was a gift from my Grandmother when I was a toddler. It’s filled with straw and missing one eye. Yes, he’s seen better days too,  but he loves his new home on an old bench and handmade quilt in the spare room:)

img_9763 An old bench, an old quilt, and an old teddy bear. The whole project took only a couple of hours and we had such fun! I think it’s so pretty!

fullsizerender-8Hope you didn’t mind reading about this not so Paleo Bench! 😉

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