Hi everyone!

That’s me in Paris in May 2016. This is where everything changed for me.

I went on this European trip of a lifetime with my childhood friend, Loree. Loree has always been a healthy, natural eater. She loves her food, and eats a lot of natural, organic, full fat food. Lots of meat, grass fed butter, healthy fats, veggies galore, full fat cream in her coffee. You know, things that we were taught were bad.  She was doing this long before it was a thing.  While in Paris I just went along with it, and ate like her. Always full and satisfied, running the streets of Paris,  and trying different foods. Basically we ate like Queens! Imagine my surprise when I came home after 2 weeks of “eating like a Queen” and not only had I lost 7 pounds, I felt…. good! OK, now this had my attention. Maybe it had a little to do with being on a European adventure for two weeks, but still, someting was different. I felt better in many ways.  I started listening to some of her recommended podcasts like  Abel James-Fat burning man and Mark Sisson,  reading some Paleo/Primal eating blogs, researching “The Wild Diet” looking up recipes and decided I was going to keep going with this. Get rid of the sugar and carbs, and eat full fat, organic and natural. Get rid of my 20 yr addiction to diet coke (boy was that hard!) and move away from anything processed. What a lifestyle change it’s been and lots of fun and learning too. Lifestyle change is the key word, because that’s what it is. It’s NOT a diet at all, it’s a way of life. The moment I started this “way of life” everything changed for me.

My name is Robyn and I am  just a regular Canadian gal with three grown boys, two grown step kids, two-part time jobs, and one humble home where I love to cook and entertain. All those blessings along with an amazing and supportive partner in life…Peter, who thankfully is as passionate about this as I am.  I have always loved to make food pretty and I LOVE a nicely set table, then I take pictures of it all.:) Everything you see here was made from scratch by ME, in MY kitchen, and presented and photographed by you guessed it, ME!  Come on in.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Angelica says:

    This blog is soooo you Robyn. I love it and I remember telling you about writing and sharing your stories and of course your recipes. Best wishes for you.
    Love you my friend.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!


  2. Kelly says:

    Robyn this is awesome. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am looking forward to following your blog.
    Thank you


  3. Jenn Ward says:

    Love it, and love you!!


    1. Thanks Jenn! Love you too my dear friend!


  4. Amanda says:

    Hey little girl… I’m checking you out and your doing awesome!!
    Looking forward to your almond bread 😉😉😉


    1. Thanks for following along Amanda! I am certain you will love almond bread, It’s one of my favourites!


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